You can perform this fun, engaging effect with 100% accuracy. It is very easy to do, the onetime set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes to make, and the best part is you can immediately share the video with your spectators though your favorite social media! A guaranteed way to make sure they keep contact with you.

You are not limited only to numbers! Using the assistant feature will enable you to PREDICT ANYTHING! Basic drawings, Name Initials, animals, favorite candy and whatever you want!

After the trick is over, the app immediately gives you the option to share the video clip (not a link – the actual video) with your spectator through your favorite social media platform. They will have no choice but to look at it again and try to figure out how did you manage to get inside their head!

The Time Traveler App will get you re-bookings.

  • The spectator has a free choice
  • You are always 100% correct
  • Promote yourself by sharing the video immediately after you perform
  • Does not use Internet – get fast results wherever you are
  • Correctly predict numbers, drawings, playing cards and more
  • No greenscreen required
  • Include a watermark with your name and information
  • Perfect for Virtual Performances
  • Easy to do
  • Customize your own video yourself in a few minutes
  • Perform it by yourself without any assisting
  • Share the video immediately with your spectator, including your social media and commercial information.
  • Immediate engagement is guaranteed.
  • You are not only limited to numbers! Use Playing cards, drawings, dates, names and basically what ever you want!
  • Read minds through the screen and through time!
This is the best app ever!
Uri Geller
This is the best app ever!
Derren Brown
This is the best app ever!
Liam Levanon